USDA WASDE Long-Term Projections

CQG's Data Quality team has added USDA WASDE Long-Term Projections to the data base. This data is published each February and the report provides projections for the agricultural sector out eleven years.

The easiest way to find the symbols is to select the USDA - WASDE exchange and search for "proj".


Then scroll the Symbol Finder for the market symbols of your choice. There are 2,376 new contracts.

A CQG PAC is available at the bottom of the post that displays all of the long-term projection symbols in the Quote Spreadsheet V2 for the corn market and is linked to a chart. The price column uses the Single Value Propagator (SVP) function to display the latest prices.


Due to the number of symbols used (over 200 in the corn example) CQG may warn you about the large number of symbols. Simply remove the unnecessary symbols.



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