DDE-to-RTD Converter for Microsoft Excel

In order to smoothly transition from DDE to RTD, CQG provides a tool that converts all DDE-coded spreadsheets into RTD format. This zip file contains the converter for updating DDE coding in Excel to RTD language and includes a DLL necessary to run the converter.

The converter will rename the Excel spreadsheet to include "_RTD" in the file name. For example, MyStudies.xls will be renamed MyStudies_RTD.xls. The converted spreadsheet will be saved into the same folder as the original Excel file.

To convert a file to RTD, drag and drop the spreadsheet onto the converter, or click Add, select the file to be converted, and then click Convert. Select Make expressions uppercase to make sure lower-case symbols are not misinterpreted within the RTD syntax.

Log off CQG Integrated Client before converting an Excel file so that CQG IC does not interfere with the conversion.


Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.