This study goes by a number of other names, including the end point moving average, least squares moving average, moving linear regression, and time series forecast.

To explain this study… more

Microsoft Excel 365 introduced the LET Function. Excel 365 or Excel 2016 introduced the IFS function. This post details using the two functions for tracking the performance of the stocks… more

The LAMBDA function is used to create reusable custom functions, which can be called using a "friendly" name. As an introduction to using the LAMBDA function, a previous post detailed using the… more

Microsoft Excel 2016 introduced the IFS function. This function can replace using nested IF functions. Below is an example of nested IF functions:

=IF(N2=0,"#",IF(N2=1,"#.0",IF(N2=2,"#.00",… more

Excel 365 includes the SORT and SORTBY functions which provide users with a simple way to dynamically sort data on a real-time basis. A common use would be to dynamically sort market performance… more

A post titled "Excel Indirect Function and More" was published on February 22, 2022, that detailed using Excel's INDIRECT function, as well as details to automatically format cells for displaying… more

Microsoft® Excel 365 includes a Text function that makes pulling text out of a string much easier than before Excel 365 was released. To illustrate, we will review the steps before Excel 365 was… more

If you use Microsoft® Excel as part of your workflow with CQG IC or QTrader then you may or may not be using Excel keyboard shortcuts. This post details using keyboard shortcuts in Excel 365 to… more

This post details the use of the CQG function: Time Average (TimeAvg), which calculates the average for values taken at the same time of day over the lookback period.

In this example, the… more

CQG IC and QTrader offer two studies that track volatility: Implied Volatility and Historical Volatility. This post details each study and provides an Excel spreadsheet for tracking the two.