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Curious about what futures can bring to your portfolio? Discover 8 advantages you can enjoy from day one when you insert futures into your trading strategy in this easy-to-complete, multi-part… more

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This article discusses the evolution of peer-to-peer trading – and if the market is now embracing this model as a mechanism to achieve lower spreads, reduce information leakage and minimize market… more

Richard Weissman

Moving averages, oscillators, forward curves, spreads, basis graphs... charting can seem overwhelming to commercial hedgers who are simply seeking to dampen volatility and lock in profits on their… more

Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices rose for a seventh consecutive week,reaching seven year highs as the price of WTI breached $93. There were a number of influences, virtually all positive, that drove petroleum… more

The Market Profile Chart now has Mini Profiles providing the trader more detail and insight into market movement.

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The UDS functionality has been significantly updated with many more strategies and the ability to filter the Strategy Analysis window to list those suitable for trading at the CME, those… more

Previous versions of CQG IC and QTrader cleared daily market values, such as open, high, low, and close from quote displays and the daily value for a chart when a particular market closed and… more

Setup an email alert notification when disconnected from the GW and/or Auto Trader.

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The Net Change Curve chart displays a collection of symbols’ net price change or net percentage change making it easy to compare each market’s current sessions’ performance.

In addition,… more

Yra Harris

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month so it is known on trading desks as UNEMPLOYMENT Friday — or Unenjoyment Day for some — as volatility will reign in the early part of the trading day. As… more