CQG Care Orders: A Flexible Way to Manage Customer Trades

See how care orders can simplify your hedge management. In this webinar, CQG Trade Routing Director Troy Wood shows you how to use care orders to hedge your customers' orders in CQG.

You will learn how to:

  • Manage orders for a central order desk
  • Cross fill orders internally

With centralized hedge management for brokers managing multiple customer accounts, care orders are a flexible way to manage customer trades within CQG. Care orders can also provide European investment firms with additional controls helpful for managing client access to trading venues. 

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Troy Wood is the director of trade routing at CQG. He has over 16 years of industry experience. Mr. Wood has managed the CQG FCM Desk, providing partner support for CQG's products and services. He has also been responsible for the on boarding of new business opportunities for CQG.