Surprising Realities about Risk Perception

Denise K. Shull curates the relevant information in emotion neuroscience to bring us the latest in the rapidly-expanding world of perception, judgment, and decision-making science.

Shull addresses how our minds and bodies react to uncertainty and ambiguous data as well as how we make judgment calls in these situations. For traders and their trading decisions, she explains the important value of emotional context and the answer to "why (or how) did I do that again?"

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Presenter: Denise K. Shull, M.A. CEO of The ReThink Group

Bio: Denise K. Shull is CEO of The ReThink Group, a psychological risk management and human performance consultancy, which includes the division TraderPsyches. Shull is a thought-leader in the psychology of risk, uncertainty, and exceptional performance. She blogs for Psychology Today; has written for All About Alpha and AR/Absolute Return; and has appeared on CNBC, PBS' Nightly Business Report, MarketWatch, ABC News Now, and Fox's Money for Breakfast, among other programs. A former member of the CME Group, Shull is also the author of highly-acclaimed Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading, and Risk.



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