Access the Power of CQG's RTD Integration

This webinar offers insight into some of Thom Hartle's latest creations in Microsoft Excel® using CQG and the RealTimeData function. Learn tips for designing your own Excel dashboards by viewing this recording.

CQG-powered Excel dashboards give traders powerful displays for tracking multiple markets. By combining Excel data visualization features with other Excel attributes, such as automatic ranking, these dashboards can automatically highlight key market data.

Recent dashboards designed by Thom Hartle include:

  • Dynamically-Updated Volatility
  • First and Last Hour Traded Volume

Visit CQG Workspaces to access other CQG-powered Excel dashboards.

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​Thom Hartle, CQG Director of Product Training

Thom Hartle's career in the financial services industry spans over thirty years. He was a commodity account executive for Merrill Lynch, vice president of sales for Drexel Burnham Lambert, and a fixed income trader for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle. He was editor of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine and contributing editor for Active Trader magazine. Hartle has been using CQG since 1984. He is currently the Director of Product Training at CQG.

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