CQG Adds Historical Data and Research Platform Portara to its Product Line

Denver, March 14, 2016 – CQG, a global provider of high-performance trade routing, reliable market data, and advanced technical analysis, has added Portara® to its main product suite. This award-winning historical data extraction and research platform includes historical data from CQG Data Factory.

Portara is a refined scientific tool that enables backtesting, trading, and investigation by professional traders, researchers, and quants. Portara seamlessly delivers historical market data to any third-party backtesting application. It also provides complete historical data for futures, forex, and cash contracts in offline databases. Data is kept current with intraday and daily updates from CQG.

“Portara is an immensely helpful tool for querying, filtering, formatting, customizing, visualizing, and exporting historical data from CQG’s Data Factory,” Marcus Kwan, Vice President of Product Strategy and Design at CQG, said. “Targeted at institutional quants and analysts for research and backtesting, Portara and CQG Data Factory provide quality market data to ensure accurate results.”

Key features of Portara:

  • Roll and compression management: Extract actual, continuation, and tenor data in any format and compression with highly customizable roll and compression tools.
  • Flexible custom sessions: Remove illiquid morning and evening sessions to create daily one minute intraday bars based on regular trading hours (RTH) or with custom open, high, low, and close data points.
  • Data modeling tools: Create alternative historical data sets, increase and decrease volatility, and randomize opens and closes. Robustness and statistical testing regimes are all possible.
  • Data export: Export data in any custom format and compression timestamp model, in exchange or local time, and adjust for all time zone differences and transitions globally.
  • Auto-export and auto-update: Use batch files to schedule auto-exports and much more. Automatic updates from CQG keep your databases current in the background.​
  • Quant and developer integration: Integrate Portara’s data extractions directly into your C#/VB/C++ projects and source code.

“The case for every systems developer in the business to be working with Portara for their historical data needs is highly compelling. Portara is as good as it gets,” Arthur Maddock, professional trader and the developer and Founder of Portara, added.

Portara uses a subscription-based pricing model, making it affordable to any hedge fund or CTA regardless of budget. For more information and to view a 90-second demo, visit portaracqg.com.