NYSE and NASDAQ Performance Dashboard

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard offers a two-window view for tracking market performance (You have to enable macros when this dashboard is first opened.) The top half displays market data using whatever symbols (such as indices, stocks, and futures) the user enters on the symbols tab. The bottom half has four stock percentage change performance tables.

The performance tables use percentage change for the day. The two tables on the left-hand side are the top and bottom ten NYSE-traded stocks by percentage gain/loss. Excel dynamically ranks these two displays using VBA code. Updates occur on a 1-second basis to manage Excel performance.

An additional column displays today’s traded volume versus yesterday’s 21-day moving average of the volume as a percentage ratio. This column is heat mapped, which can help identify those stocks making large moves accompanied with unusually high volume. Blank cells indicate the stock does not have 21 trading days.

The right-hand side displays the same performance information for stocks traded on the NASDAQ exchange. Over 5,000 stocks are tracked.

Not all stocks open at the same exact moment, which can cause an issue with the VBA dynamic ranking. Simply click the Rank button at the center-bottom of the table and Excel will reevaluate stock performance and update the tables.

The center of the dashboard displays two five-minute charts that use the highest-ranked symbol in the top left-hand and right-hand displays. Down the center of the dashboard are exchange indicators, such as Up and Down Volume, Tick index, etc. Sparkline charts using five-minute values indicate the recent trend of the exchange indicators.

Requires CQG Integrated Client version 16x and higher, Excel 2013 and higher, and real-time enablements for the NYSE, NASDAQ, and other exchanges whose products you plan to monitor.

CQG-powered Excel dashboards are copyrighted content owned by CQG and are not available in an unlocked state.


Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.