Fastmarkets AgriCENSUS Price Markers available on CQG

Maintain a global view of the price structure of the agricultural markets through Fastmarkets AgriCENSUS data.

Fastmarkets AgriCENSUS is an independent price reporting agency (PRA) that provides an impartial and robust price reporting service dedicated to providing pricing transparency in the global agriculture markets including Barley, Corn, Meals, Soybeans, Vegoils and Wheat. Data includes:

  • AgriCENSUS Price Markers (APM) are daily spot price assessments, reflecting fair market value at the most liquid point of the nearby market.
  • AgriCENSUS Forward Curves are daily price assessments of physical cargos for loading or delivery up to 9 months forward.
  • Crush Margins are gross margins representing the crusher revenues from selling the meal and oil minus the cost of the oilseeds.
  • AgriCENSUS freight rates are weekly spot price assessments, reflecting fair market value at the most liquid point of the nearby market.

The AgriCENSUS Price Markers (APM) are intended to be used as price references for negotiation in physical spot and term contracts, as well as the settlement price of financial derivatives. They can also be used for the valuation of physical inventories, mark-to-market valuations of financial instruments, and the creation of associated derived data.

The downloadable CQG PAC lists all 699 AgriCENSUS symbols and the CQG Quote Spreadsheet is linked to a chart.

Requirements: CQG Integrated Client or QTrader and the AgriCENSUS data enablement.



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