CME Strike Price Listing and Exercise Procedures Tables

The CME Website has information resources for options traders in the form of downloadable Excel tables with important needed details such as:

  • Commodity Code
  • CME Globex Code
  • Product Name
  • Product Group
  • Product Subgroup
  • Exchange
  • Rulebook Chapter
  • Strike Price Listing Rule
  • Exercise Style
  • Contrary Instructions
  • Margin Style
  • Exact At-The-Money Characteristics
  • Underlying Commodity Code
  • Underlying Product Name

This next image is the left side of Metals Options spreadsheet.


This next image is the right side of Metals Options spreadsheet.


In addition to the rules and procedures, there are links to the Options Specs and the Underlying Futures Specs pages.

The spreadsheets are found on the Options Specs pages. For example, the spreadsheet for options for the energy markets is available here. The spreadsheet is "Strike Price Listing and Exercise Procedures Table".


More than one market is covered. This downloadable spreadsheet details options information for Energy, Metals, and Events by tabs.

A second version of the spreadsheet can be found here under the Specs page for E-mini S&P options.

This spreadsheet provides details for Agriculture, Cryptocurrency, Equity, Event, and FX options by tabs.

If there are any changes to the rules, then the CME will update these spreadsheets.


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