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The CME Website has information resources for options traders in the form of downloadable Excel tables with important needed details such as:

Commodity CodeCME Globex CodeProduct NameProduct… more

Customers of BrokerTec can now trade the Relative Value (RV) Treasury Spreads. BrokerTec is the price discovery leader for benchmark cash U.S. Treasuries.

RV Curve offers 21 spreads. This… more

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays all of the Globex-traded Three-Month SOFR contracts including volume and open interest data.

The first three columns detail the contract… more

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet presents 3-Month SOFR market data. The data includes nearly ten years of quarterly contracts for outrights and exchange-traded three-month and six-month calendar… more

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard pulls in the 3-month SOFR market data traded on the CME Globex platform.

The Dashboard was updated to enable the user to enter in the symbol for the first… more

On December 13, 2022 the November Consumer Price Index was released and the reported readings were lower than expected as detailed here in the CQG IC Calendar of Events.

The equity… more


Investor demand for ESG products has resulted in equity index providers ensuring their indices reflect the overall trajectory of ESG Cobalt and lithium demand have surged as… more

As volatility levels fluctuate in the FX markets, Rich reviews two strategies in different currencies:

JPY/USD ratio spread for volatility to remain elevated MXN/USD call vs… more


Where rates go once the Federal Reserve reaches a point of neutral policy will be a key point for the jobs-inflation trade-offThe Taylor Rule today, and for some time in the past,… more


Rising rates tend to hurt growth stocks, but across the last five rate hike cycles, the Nasdaq median gain was nearly 27% Inflation and supply chain constraints will continue to… more