RTD Orders & Positions Dashboard

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet uses RTD formulas to pull today's basic orders and positions information from CQG.

Orders and positions data available include:

  • Number of filled buy orders
  • Number of filled sell orders
  • Number of incomplete orders
  • Number of working buy orders
  • Number of working sell orders
  • Number of open positions
  • Open trade equity
  • Closed profits and losses
  • Initial Margin
  • Maintenance Margin

Information related to orders and open positions display the number of contracts.

Filled order prices and working order prices are not available. You must have CQG running to pull in the data.

Enter your account in the Account field and the symbols in the Symbols column. The Main Display tab includes If-Then statements that will show empty cells instead of zeros and empty cells instead of errors if there is no symbol assigned to that row. To expand the number of rows, simply copy and paste more.

The Simple Display tab provides the basic RTD syntax from the bullet point list above.

Requires CQG Integrated Client or CQG QTrader, data enablements for all symbols used in this spreadsheet, and Excel 2010 or higher.


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