CQG XL Toolkit For Excel Add-In

The XL Toolkit has been updated. The Labels group has been expanded from 30 fields to 75 fields. The easiest method to learn the new data calls is once logged in then select “Label Data”, enter a symbol, select “Select All” and select “Insert names of columns.” You will see the entire list of calls.

This Add-In for Microsoft Excel® pulls today's market and orders and positions data into Excel via the Internet. Historical data is not available. CQG products do not need to be running.

The Add-In does require you to have an account with a CQG FCM partner, as this is an FCM enablement. The Add-In can access market and orders and positions information from the exchanges that your FCM has enabled you to trade.

Download the zip file and install the add-in. If it doesn't appear on the Excel ribbon, then please visit Excel Support for Add-Ins.

Download the Excel Spreadsheet as an aid to understand each of the components of the Excel Add-In.

Requires an enablement turned on by your FCM and Excel 2013 or higher installed on your computer, not in the Cloud. This product is copyrighted content owned by CQG.




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