Andy Hecht

With fear and uncertainty mounting over the prospects of a global recession, interest rates have been falling. Even though the dollar index is in a bull market trend, the price action in the gold… more

Marcus Kwan
Quotes Added columns filters for SpreadSheet Trader Trading Pre-Trade Mid-Market Mark Charting Drawing tools now available in mobile layout General Ability to use password-protected RSS feeds… more

For traders of markets that are priced in fractions you can now display fractional prices that include a fraction of the fraction using what is referred to as Solidus (slash). For example, 112-16’… more

We have added a new feature to the trade routing interfaces and the Orders & Positions display. This feature allows you to place trades with a designation and instructions and depending on the… more

End-of-day data for global markets now included

CQG continues to bring real value with global end-of-day day data now included as part of the standard subscription service. Now, you can access end… more

CQG offers two new studies and one new chart type for customers developing models, analytics, and utilizing other Excel features. These three new features provide a seamless connection between… more

Quickly cancel activation for orders in the Park Until and Time Till states by right clicking on the cancel button and selecting “Park Indefinitely.” This will save you an extra step.

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The popular moving average study has three additional moving average types: The Median, Trix (triple exponential smoothing) and the Exponential Hull Moving Average are now included as choices in… more

CQG offers an estimate of where your order is in the queue of the Exchange’s order book.

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Requires .Net Framework 4.6 or… more

A new feature for your charting is coloring each bar’s price range with up to two previous overlapping bar’s price ranges.

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