CQG Primer

CQG One provides an "Active RFQ" widget. A Request for Quote (RFQ) is functionality provided for traders to access electronic quotes on multi-leg options strategies. It is an electronic message… more

This post details the use of the CQG function: Time Average (TimeAvg), which calculates the average for values taken at the same time of day over the lookback period.

In this example, the… more

CQG IC and QTrader offer charts that utilize volume for the horizontal scale, not time. The first chart type to discuss is Constant Volume Bars.

Constant Volume Bar (CVB)

The Constant… more

There are a number of volume-based studies available to customers using CQG IC or QTrader. This post walks you through the basic details of the various studies, then correlation analysis is… more

If you are an analyst, blogger, or simply want to post a screen capture of an IC or QTrader chart on social media then the steps to copying a screen capture to your clipboard are very easy.


The Portfolio monitor is a combination market quotes and study values display. In addition, the Portfolio monitor can display the status of conditions, such as a study has hit an overbought level… more

CQG IC and QTrader have a portfolio manager that enables you to create a portfolio of instruments. Once a portfolio is created a common use is for CQG IC users to run a Market Scan testing various… more

Oscillators are very popular studies used by trader and analysts alike. Oscillators detrend the price data by calculating differences. The next image displays a simple oscillator named Momentum.… more

CQG products such as CQG IC, QTrader and CQG One come with a collection of price-based studies which can be applied to charts to facilitate analysis. This post offers insight into the collection… more