Hang Seng Indices Dashboard

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays the cash indices available from the Hang Seng Indexes Company.

The quote displays are divided into four sections. The first section is the cash Hang Seng Indices. Net percent change is heat mapped. The second section has the Hang Seng short and leverage indices. The third section is the HIS Volatility Index. The fourth section is the futures markets. This last section allows you to enter your own symbols.

This dashboard offers a high/low color alert. If the last prices is within two ticks of the high, then the high price and description is highlighted with a green background. If the last price is within two ticks of the low, then the low price and description is highlighted with a red background.

A depth-of-market view of the futures markets is included.

Throughout the trading session, the fifteen Hang Seng Indices are dynamically ranked and displayed in the histogram bar chart with their respective net percent change for today’s trading session. A chart is available. You can enter the symbol, time frame, and decimal format.

In addition, you can adjust the clock in the top right-hand corner by adding or subtracting the number of hours relative to Central Time.

Requires CQG Integrated Client , data enablement for Hang Seng Indices and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange, and Excel 2010 or higher.




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