CQG Trader Crude Oil Forward Curves

To access the RTD feature in CQG Trader, please contact your FCM. (CQG Trader RTD only works with 32-bit Excel).

This spreadsheet displays the current market data, last price, best bid, and best ask for three crude oil markets: Light Sweet Crude Oil traded on Globex, Brent Crude Oil and WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil traded on ICE, and the front month exchange-traded calendar spreads. In addition, the forward curves' current prices, settlement prices (red line), net change, and volume by contract are displayed.

CQG Trader supports a maximum of 400 RTD calls from Microsoft Excel®. If you prefer a more powerful CQG and Excel solution, then consider CQG Integrated Client. Start a free trial today to learn more.

Microsoft Excel 2010 or greater is recommended. Supported by both CQG Trader and CQG Integrated Client.


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