Heat-Mapped Global Market Dashboard

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet offers a unique format where the current market data is displayed as borders around the chart information. The markets are heat-mapped based on percent net change. The heat-mapping is applied to the contract description cells. The markets with the lowest percent change are bright red, and the markets with the highest percent net change are bright blue/green. The spreadsheet has equity index futures along the top row, FX futures along the bottom row, metals and energy futures in the left-hand column, and fixed income futures in the right-hand column. With a quick glance, you can easily identify relative performance within the group by the colors.

There are two horizontal DOM views. You can enter the symbol, the decimal formatting (0 to 6), and the bar time frame for the candlestick chart.

Two histogram charts use the same symbols as the horizontal DOM symbols.

The top histogram chart shows the current total traded volume for the session compared to the last ten trading sessions at the same current time. The bottom histogram chart shows the volume for the current five-minute bar relative to the same five-minute bar's volume over the last ten sessions.

When first opened, Excel will pull a lot of historical data. This may take a few minutes to populate. It is recommended that this Excel spreadsheet be closed each night to avoid memory issues. To see fractions in Excel, please configure your CQG charts to show fractions.

Please expand your bar settings at Setup/System Preferences/Limits to 10,000 for Extra Bars for Study Calculations and 25,000 for Maximum Bars.

Make sure to lower your Excel RealTimeData (RTD) throttle to 50 milliseconds. Learn how to do that here.

Requires CQG Integrated Client or CQG QTrader, data enablements for all symbols used in this spreadsheet, and Excel 2013.

This version of the spreadsheet corrects the time frame link for the two charts.


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