This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays market data for RBOB Gasoline spreads traded on the CME Globex platform. This monitor uses a matrix style format. The outrights are along the top row and… more

Customers using our flagship product, CQG Integrated Client (CQG IC), have access to a new study called Algo Orders. Using a proprietary algorithm, this indicator of trading activity detects and… more

Over the past ten weeks, the spot RBOB crack spread has come into balance, having a similar weekly range over that span. The 2217-to-2769 balance bracket is in a relatively tight range for a ten-… more

During the last few weeks, the April/May RBOB calendar spread has formed a rotational range of -78 to +99. However, over the past seven trading days, the trading range has shrunk to 0 to +55. A 55… more

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet presents market data and forward curves of the Globex RBOB Gasoline contracts. The data includes the outrights, exchange-traded calendar spreads, and synthetic… more

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet uses a matrix format to show the RBOB gasoline market traded on the CME Globex electronic trading platform.

This dashboard screen capture shows the inside… more