CQG FX Volatility Excel Dashboard

Powered by CQG FX, this Microsoft Excel® dashboard measures volatility by using the difference between the upper and lower Bollinger Bands and dividing the difference by the Moving Average. The dashboard then sorts the volatility by ranking them from lowest to highest and displays all other market data based on their respective ranking. You can change the time frame, look-back period, and number of standard deviations.

Make sure to lower your Excel RealTimeData (RTD) throttle to 0 to 50 milliseconds. Learn how to do that here.

Due to the ranking feature in Excel and the speed of RTD, Excel may warn you of an error. Just click Okay.

To learn more about this dashboard, please view this YouTube video.

Requirements: CQG FX, data enablements for all symbols displayed in this spreadsheet, Excel 2010 or more recent, and the CQG component pac, VolatilityDashboard.pac, must be installed.


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