Yra Harris

That headline is courtesy of Whitewave Trading, an interactive chat room in which high-powered analysis for traders generates some great trades and uses NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND to add a fundamental… more

Yra Harris

The previous blog post about President Lagarde painting the FEDERAL RESERVE into a corner OUGHT to be revealed tomorrow as there is expected to be no change in FED policy and I believe that Chair… more

Thom Hartle

This Microsoft® Excel Dashboard comes frontloaded with 30 Sector and Industry symbols. However, you can enter in whatever symbols you like using the Symbols tab. The long description of the symbol… more

Richard Weissman

Since the May 7th high at $6.38/bu., CME Group December 2021 Corn futures have been trading in a sideways albeit large trading range with the $6.10-$6.38 area as resistance and $5.00-$5.15 area as… more

Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices gained for the first week in three despite opening the week with a 7.5% drop on Monday. The severe drop was due in large part to ongoing concerns of the delta variant of COVID-19… more

Andy Hecht

Commodity prices have been trending higher since reaching lows in March and April 2020. Over the first six months of 2021, a composite of the asset class was up over 20%. In May, lumber, copper,… more

Judd Hirschberg, President of WhiteWave Trading Strategies and the Financial Repression Authority, uses CQG IC to review equity indices, sectors, FX and commodities.

Presented by… more

Yra Harris

I’ve been away minding my two Floridian grandsons (exhausting yet delightful). I did, however, have time to catch up on some reading, particularly W.E.B. Du Bois’s “Suppression of the African… more

Thomas Finlon

Petroleum prices dropped for a second consecutive week and second in eight, falling by the largest amount since the week of March 26th. Prices did recover slightly on Friday. The resurgence of the… more

Marcus Kwan
General Moved all HMS/OTC widgets into a new widget group Various bug fixes

We hope that these updates help improve your trading workflow. We continually strive to improve your CQG Desktop… more