What's New in CQG One & CQG Desktop Version 7.5 - For our partners

In addition to the customer facing features for this release, here are features requested by our partners.


  • Using NND MPID order extra instead of brokerage account ID
  • Show legs in submit trade report
  • For NND multi-legged orders, add ability to expand and see legs in grid
  • NND TR: disable buy/sell dropdown for single leg, dual-sided orders


  • Basis Trade popup: Added increments of 25% of account for order size when opening from View Bids & Offers (configured in Brand settings)
  • Publish Bids & Offers: Limit bulk basis editing for products that share the same source commodity
  • Publish Bids & Offers: Added columns for trader, date/time of last change and unpublished changes
  • Manage Custom Market: Hedge First Threshold column changes
    • Clicking in field will highlight entire value for easier overtyping
    • Up/down arrows jump by 5
    • Value is now percentage
    • Number must be greater than 0
    • Values only shown for rows with pricing type Cash or HTA


Thanks for your continued partnership,
The CQG Team


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