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One of the most frustrating aspects of long-term trend following systems is drawdowns from unrealized mark to market peaks in equity. Let’s look at an example:

Figure 1… more

In April of this year, Live Cattle futures broke 2014 all-time highs at $171.975. In prior articles and books, I've named this phenomenon, "blue sky", which occurs whenever an asset makes new all-… more

The 1% Rule

Larry Hite famously posited the 1% rule in Schwager's, "Market Wizards". This risk management rule suggests risking no more than 100 basis points of total assets under management on any… more

First things first, I freely admit that there are potentially hundreds of views of technical analysis.  Nevertheless, in this article I hope to clearly outline what I feel are two of the most… more

Over the past few weeks, I’ve asked several options pros with over forty years’ experience about a specific options strategy that I developed for speculators which has limited downside risk and… more

I have always believed that every active hedge strategy needs to answer the following three-part question:

Percentage hedged Duration of the hedge Derivative instrument(s) used to hedge


In this second of our series of articles on technical analysis for commercial hedgers we will look at using technical analysis to understand the basis and how it impacts the decision-making… more

Moving averages, oscillators, forward curves, spreads, basis graphs... charting can seem overwhelming to commercial hedgers who are simply seeking to dampen volatility and lock in profits on their… more

I love creating sayings that drive home truths in technical analysis. One of my favorites has always been:

“First test good,

second okay,

third go the other way.”

So,… more

Since the May 7th high at $6.38/bu., CME Group December 2021 Corn futures have been trading in a sideways albeit large trading range with the $6.10-$6.38 area as resistance and $5.00-$5.15 area as… more