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What's New in CQG One & CQG Desktop Version 7.8

Sep 16, 2022
Trading New Events Contracts HMS/OTC Added purchase and report button to HTA pricing type Merchandisers can manage the configuration of the auto hedge algorithm parameters per account + hedge contract, or on an account level from the Hedge... more

What's New in CQG One & CQG Desktop Version 7.7

Aug 12, 2022
General Various bug fixes and usability improvements HMS/OTC Ability to move working HMS order to next delivery Improved workflow from hedge balance item from order actions Added "Hedge First Applies To" parameter to Manage Custom Markets and... more

What's New in CQG One & CQG Desktop Version 7.6

Jul 22, 2022
Quotes QSS: Double-click on bid column will popup trading dialog to sell, double-click on ask to buy QSS: Added comment column Trading Orders widget: added categories for adding columns HMS/OTC Hedge Account Balances: added support for archived... more

What's New in CQG One & CQG Desktop Version 7.5

Jun 10, 2022
Quotes Added ability to roll symbol to next month in right-click menu on symbols Added donut chart style to visualize percent net change or Open interest Charting Added donut chart view for symbol lists Trading Changed number of digits to... more

What's new in CAST 2 v2.27

Jun 02, 2022
Admin logins can now be sent welcome emails with credentials Brokerage -> Routes widget: New mode for 'Cancel order requests only' per route Added Emergency Controls page which allows to mass order cancellation


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What's New in CQG One & CQG Desktop Version 7.4

May 16, 2022
Trading Trading confirms show legs of exchange traded spreads Ability to activate parked orders in Order Info screen in mobile layout Added preference to show only today's partial fills for working orders Added consolidated Buy/Sell quantity column... more

What's new in CAST 2 v2.26

May 02, 2022
Filter log on events by service group (location)

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What's New in CQG One & CQG Desktop Version 7.3

Apr 19, 2022
General Added more decimal points for volume displays throughout (cryptos) Added preference to show group/country/region code for symbols Trading Option to cancel orders on logoff Download order reports now reflect columns and filters displayed... more

What's New in CQG One & CQG Desktop Version 7.2

Mar 15, 2022
General Added exchange names to symbol auto-suggest Symbol auto-suggest shows more results  Charts Added net change percent display for previous periods Options Greeks columns now available in options widget HMS/OTC Added highlighting... more

What's new in CAST 2 v2.25

Feb 07, 2022
Added Trading Features management widgets for brokerage profiles and accounts New Care Order Handling management widget for brokerage profiles Improved performance of Products and Services widget for Logins page New custom timezone setting in user... more