Marcus Kwan

TradingOrder Ticket: ability to override limits vs stops settingAbility to duplicate bracket ordersHMS/OTCAdded HMS info to fill reportHedge Account Balances Details links section adjustableCQG… more

Various improvements and fixes.


We hope that these updates help improve your trading workflow. We continually strive to improve your CQG One and CQG Desktop experience. We… more

In addition to the customer facing features for this release, here are features requested by our partners.

Trading NNE OT widget: ability to place Market orders and new durations… more
Trading/Reporting Added Max Purchasing Power Limit to Accounts widget Added column for UserAttributes to Orders widget CQG One/Spreader Added spread/pair resolution in quoteboards Added Payup… more
Updates Various improvements and bug fixes.  


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CQG in the App Store: CQG for iOS is available to all customers using a CQG charting or trading product.… more

Quotes New columns for month, year, commodity/prefix and spread type in QSS Added display preference for last quote or trade for quoteboards Added up/down coloring option for bid/ask columns in QSS… more
Charting New options profile study Ability to show/hide study values on the price scale Ability to show/hide study list Added Volatility Stop study to CQG Mobile for Android HMS/OTC Ability to set… more
Trading Added custom filters and conditions for Orders widgets Ability to renew an expired or cancelled order Event Contracts widget update Ability to download Today's Purchase… more
General Improvements on re-log on when widgets and pages are set to out of page Event contracts widget improvements Donut style quoteboard improvements HMS/OTC Publish Bids… more
Trading New Events Contracts HMS/OTC Added purchase and report button to HTA pricing type Merchandisers can manage the configuration of the auto hedge algorithm parameters per account + hedge… more