Tips and Tricks

Coding the Guppy Multiple Moving Average

Jul 08, 2016

The Guppy Multiple Moving Average is an indicator used in technical analysis to identify changing trends. The technique is based on combining two groups of moving averages with differing time periods.

In a recent article, Helmut Mueller... more

Display a Real-Time Clock in CQG

Jun 09, 2016

Request: Is there a way to display a large, real-time screen clock in CQG?

Solution: Yes. When you install CQG IC or CQG QTrader, the TheWeb toolbar button appears in the top row. If it is not there then it will be listed under the... more

Export Chart and Study Data to Excel

Apr 20, 2016

Request: What is the easiest way to get chart and study data from a chart into an Excel spreadsheet?

Solution: Simply right-click the chart area that has the market data and, at the bottom of the menu, click “Export to Excel... more

Spread Continuation Chart Using the Same Months

Mar 29, 2016

Request: I want to plot a historical daily chart of a spread: December Wheat versus December Corn. I want the chart to be a continuation chart and to always use December contracts for the two markets.

Solution: Enter this symbol for the... more

Add Symbols in All Contracts Window to Excel

Mar 22, 2016

Request: How can I get the symbols I see in the All Contracts Window into Excel? I cannot select the columns and copy and paste.

Solution: CQG offers an Excel RTD Add-in. There is a 64-bit Excel version and a 32-bit Excel version. Please... more

Net Change in the DOMTrader

Feb 25, 2016

Request: How can I make the Net Change in the DOMTrader® be easier to read for the Japanese Yen contract?

Solution: You can limit the length of the net change by turning off decimals:

Click the Support button in the upper right corner... more

Setting Studies to Share Scales

Feb 04, 2016


My Imoku study is not lining up over the bars and using the same scale as the price. How do I correct this?


Right-click the study, select Modify Study. Select Display. Change “ShareScale” to On. This will... more

Custom Session in a Quote Display

Feb 03, 2016


I would like to see in a quote display the same open, high, low, and close prices I see on a chart with a custom session.

Solution: Enter the symbol, then a comma followed by the time frame, and the name of the custom... more

Spread Symbology

Feb 03, 2016


The 12m DEC16DEC17 Eurodollar and the 12m DEC16DEC17 Sterling spread should be around 2, but I see 34. Why is this?


In CQG the EDA spread is quoted as whole numbers and QSA is quoted as a decimal.... more

Spread Bars

Feb 03, 2016


I want to chart the DDH6-EPH6*5 spread using a Heikin-Ashi chart. On a bar chart, I just see a closing line chart and it will not work in a Heikin-Ashi chart.


Use the Spread function:

Spread(DDH6-EPH6... more