Stan Yabroff
Dec 09, 2022
Updated: Dec 13, 2022

CQG Product Specialist Stan Yabroff designed a CQG page for customers to track and analyze a market’s implied volatility and historical volatility. This post details the features and functionality of the CQG page.

The benefit of this CQG... more

Thom Hartle
Aug 31, 2022
Updated: Sep 01, 2022

Let's say you want to look at a study on a chart but you want the study to use a different time frame than the time frame for the bars. For example, the MACD Study on a 1-minute chart using 5-minutes for the MACD study as shown below (you can... more

Thom Hartle
Jun 14, 2022
Updated: Jun 15, 2022

This post details a custom CQG study for pulling a market’s all time high price and date and the market’s all time low price and date.

The custom study was built by CQG’s Product Specialist Jim Stavros and is available as a downloadable... more

Thom Hartle
Aug 19, 2021
Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This post builds upon CQG Product Specialist Helmut Mueller's post titled “Most Wanted Seven Studies Plus a Bonus Trading System.” His post provides a PAC with the following studies:

Chande Momentum Oscillator Dynamic Momentum Index Guppy... more
Thom Hartle
Jan 02, 2018
Updated: Sep 14, 2018

CQG offers an Implied Volatility (ImpVol) study that allows you to pull in historical implied volatility data onto a chart. ImpVol is not the implied volatility of one particular option. CQG uses the outright contract symbol from the... more

Thom Hartle
Apr 19, 2016
Updated: Sep 14, 2018

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard tracks four average true range study values for seven markets. On the Parameters tab you can enter the symbol, the number of decimals for prices, and the session parameter - either the entire session (enter All) or... more