Nissan, JPX, and CQG Discuss the Rubber Futures Market

We are pleased to announce that Nissan, JPX/OSE, and CQG released a trio of collaboration sessions discussing the Rubber Futures Market.

While domestic and overseas stock prices are rising, the market for Natural Rubber is also moving remarkably. We see this trend continue towards the end of the year. In these short videos, we would like to introduce the exchange rules and characteristics, its products, as well as the trading practices and future prospects for the rubber markets.


  • Mr. Yazu from JPX/OSE discusses the “OSE Rubber Futures Products and World Rubber Futures Landscape” (approx. 12 mins)
  • Mr. Kikukawa (Senior Analyst) from Nissan Securities shares his view via his “Outlook of the Rubber market” (approx. 9 mins 50 seconds)
  • CQG Product Specialist, Anthony Cohen highlights the “Arbitrage Trading Practice of OSE/SGX Rubber using CQG” (approx. 13 mins 30 seconds)

Watch the video

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For further information on the Rubber Futures market system and detailed materials of OSE, please feel free to reach out to Kensuke Yazu at

For Nissan Securities, please feel free to reach out to Corporate Division at

We hope you enjoy the video and we look forward to helping your business to grow.


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