Various improvements and bug fixes.

Various improvements and bug fixes.

Account Widgets

Added ability to copy settings from one account to another.

After saving changes on the Account Routes widget, Account Market Limits… more

Various improvements and bug fixes.

Clone Account

Added "Clone settings" to the Account actions menu.

Multiple FCM Order Handler

In some cases a trader has relationships with multiple FCMs. Each FCM can give the trader access to their… more

In order to be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) new functionality has been implemented to block Cast Users within regions not deemed acceptable under GDPR for access… more
New feature with the 2.28 release is Login Sessions management. You have the ability to control and terminate sessions.

Admin logins can now be sent welcome emails with credentials Brokerage -> Routes widget: New mode for 'Cancel order requests only' per route Added Emergency Controls page which allows to mass… more
Filter log on events by service group (location)

Thanks for being a valued partner. We hope that these updates help improve your administrative workflow as we continue to improve your CAST 2… more

Added Trading Features management widgets for brokerage profiles and accounts New Care Order Handling management widget for brokerage profiles Improved performance of Products and Services widget… more
New Routes widget for brokerage profiles with the ability to manage operator IDs per route Added tags for short sales and locate IDs support for equities orders on accounts with extended side… more