What's New in CQG Desktop Version 5.2


  • Time & Sales or a single symbol


  • Ability to show more decimal points for all studies
  • New chart type: Volume Candle
  • DMIwADX study: ADX curve can now share scale with DMIu, DMId, and FFID


More Details and How to Access the New Features

Time & Sales: Single symbol

Launch the single symbol T&S widget from the Quotes group, single symbol section. It will open using the last used symbol. Change the symbol using the symbol entry in the bottom bar, or use window linking.

Like the Time & Sales: Portfolio widget, you can filter by bids, asks, trades, and traded volume as well as rearrange columns.


Show more decimal points for studies

In the Modify Study dialog, a new parameter is available for all studies to show additional decimal points.


We hope that these updates help improve your trading workflow. We continually strive to improve your CQG Desktop experience. We invite you to vote for or enter features you want via our CQG Forums site. And see past release notes on our website.

Happy Trading!
The CQG Desktop Team