Check Out CQG IC's Calendar of Events

Have you used CQG's new Calendar of Events? The Calendar of Events allows you to track economic releases with a concise calendar. It provides details for key global macroeconomic indicators, regional economic indicators, and events. An event is a potentially market-moving announcement scheduled to come out at a particular date and time.

Advanced information combined with timely data updates from Dow Jones, ensure that the Calendar of Events keeps you on top of:

  • Event details for more than 900 economic events from over 50 countries and 7,500 companies worldwide
  • Financial, political, and economic event data globally
  • National and financial market holidays
  • Event data for the upcoming three months with archive data rights

Events that have been identified by Dow Jones as being market-moving are displayed in bold font.

Numbers are updated at sub-second speed after news breaks. Traders can filter the calendar by country, region, and date and can research prior indicators as well as events scheduled for the coming months.

To open the calendar, click the Calendar button on the toolbar. If the button is not displayed, click the More button, and then click Calendar of Events.