Understanding the Benefits of Futures Video Course

Curious about what futures can bring to your portfolio? Discover 8 advantages you can enjoy from day one when you insert futures into your trading strategy in this easy-to-complete, multi-part online course.
Learn how to instantly enhance your diversification opportunities and access with more hours to trade, in deeply liquid markets with fewer day trading restrictions than equity markets. Learn how to harness the power of leverage to expand your investment’s reach, enabling you to control a large notional value with a relatively small amount of capital. Free up capital for other uses with lower margin requirements and enjoy flexibility and ease for entering and exiting the markets when you need to, without worrying about inflated costs. Get started today with this video course from the CME Group.

  • The Benefits of Portfolio Diversification
  • The Benefits of Day Trading Futures
  • The Benefits of Liquidity
  • Managing Contract Expiration
  • The Benefits of Futures Margins
  • The Benefits of Open Access to Futures
  • The Power of Leverage
  • Understanding the benefits of the Bid-Offer Spread


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