‘Market Limits’ Page Update in CAST

We are updating the new ‘Market Limits’ page, making it easier to set per commodity limits. The update will be available in CAST after August 11th.

Some other improvements include:

  • A streamlined interface 
  • Scroll and filter by exchanges
  • U.S. commodities highlighted blue 
  • Non U.S. commodities highlighted green

* This trader is only enabled for EP, EDA, and BTC


Below you will see a list of tradable symbols in the middle column, with the top of the list having current enabled commodities. Use the "Quick Search" functionality when looking for a particular commodity (i.e. searching for "Corn" or "ZCE"). 


Below you will see a dedicated section for managing per-commodity market limits. The first tab, parameters, contains the most commonly used limits. The other two tabs can be used to set Trade Price Limits. 

*Once a commodity is selected and enabled, you can change the market limits or leave as default.

If you have any questions regarding CAST changes, please call (800) 525-1085 or email the FCM Desk.