Early-Onset Trend Indicator

For this month's Traders' Tips, we provide CQG code for the Early-Onset Trend Indicator, described in the August 2014 Stocks and Commodities Magazine article, The Quotient Transformation by John F. Ehlers.

Study Code

/*Early-Onset Trend Indicator by John F. Ehlers*/


/*Highpass filter cyclic components whose periods are shorter than 100 bars*/

alpha1:= (Cos(.707*360/100) + Sin(.707*360/100) -1) / Cos(.707*360/100);
HP:=(1 - alpha1 /2)*(Close(@) - 2*Close(@)[-1] + Close(@)[-2])+ 2*(1 - alpha1)*HP[-1] - (1 -alpha1)*(1 - 

/*SuperSmoother Filter*/

a1:= Exponential(-1.414*3.14159/LPPeriod); 
b1:= 2* a1* Cos(1.414*180/LPPeriod); 
c2:= b1; 
c3:= -a1*a1; 
c1:= 1 - c2 - c3; 
Filt:= c1*(HP + HP[-1]) / 2 + c2*Filt[-1]+ c3*Filt[-2];

/*Fast Attack - Slow Decay Algorithm*/

Peak:= if(Abs(Filt) > Peak[-1], Abs(Filt),Peak[-1] * .991);

/*Normalized Roofing Filter*/

Quotient:= (X + K) / (K*X + 1);

The Early-Onset Trend Indicator study has two parameters: LPPeriod and K, which may be configured in the Modify Study Parameters window after the study has been applied to a chart in CQG. An example of the Early-Onset Trend Indicator for SPY is depicted in the chart below.