CQG Mobile is now available on the Play Store and App Store!

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CQG Mobile is now available in the Google Play store and Apple App Store! The CQG app has what you've been waiting for:

  • Fast biometric log on
  • Great offline experience
  • Push notifications 
  • Server-side bracket orders

How to log on

CQG customers

If you already use another CQG product, simply log on using the same CQG trading username and password you use. Most brokers have already authorized CQG customers to use CQG Mobile. If you get an error message, contact your broker and tell them you want CQG Mobile.

Not yet a customer?

Sign up with one of our broker partners to get access. In the mean time, you can request a demo on Android or try free mode on iOS.. 

Helpful Links

Online Help: Access online videos and animations.
CQG Forums: Share your feedback and submit feature requests.
CQG Mobile product page: Learn more about CQG Mobile.


 Get it on Google Play


We Want to Hear From You

Help us make CQG Mobile and CQG Desktop even better by posting your feature requests and feedback on our forums, or replying to this email. We love hearing from you.

For questions or concerns, please contact mobility@cqg.com