Yra Harris

Notes From Underground: Before I Break

Aug 16, 2021

On Sunday, we acknowledge the 50-year anniversary of Richard Nixon’s decision to close the GOLD EXCHANGE WINDOW and put an end to the post-World War monetary system known as Bretton Woods. I can say exactly where I was: A bus station in Afula,... more

The Roundtable Insight – Russell Napier and Yra Harris on Financial Repression and the Age of Debt

Aug 13, 2021

Russell Napier and Yra Harris on Financial Repression and the Age of Debt.

Russell Napier is author of the Solid Ground Investment Report and co-founder of the investment research portal ERIC. He has written macroeconomic strategy papers... more

Notes From Underground: Bye Bye, Jerome Powell

Aug 09, 2021

Early last week Senator Elizabeth Warren made her case against Chair Jerome Powell. In a Financial Times article, the senator blasted Powell for his light regulatory touch while praising the efforts of Governor Lael Brainard. Yet many believe... more

Notes From Underground: The Fed As G-30 Proxy?

Aug 04, 2021

Last week’s FOMC meeting went as expected but the press conference actually provided some solid questions as the media put some pressure on Chair Jerome Powell. NPR actually received an answer to what TRANSITORY means to the Fed chair: Prices... more

Notes From Underground: Wow Unto Chair Powell

Jul 28, 2021

The previous blog post about President Lagarde painting the FEDERAL RESERVE into a corner OUGHT to be revealed tomorrow as there is expected to be no change in FED policy and I believe that Chair Jerome Powell will do his best to pose as dovish... more

Notes From Underground: Trade Complications (The Power of the Nation-State)

Jul 28, 2021

That headline is courtesy of Whitewave Trading, an interactive chat room in which high-powered analysis for traders generates some great trades and uses NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND to add a fundamental view. Monday’s Whitwave has this advice: “When... more

Notes From Underground: Are You Ready When Delta Is?

Jul 20, 2021

I’ve been away minding my two Floridian grandsons (exhausting yet delightful). I did, however, have time to catch up on some reading, particularly W.E.B. Du Bois’s “Suppression of the African Slave Trade,” as recommended by Chris Whalen. Du Bois... more

The Roundtable Insight – Gerard Minack and Yra Harris on the Global Economy and Financial Markets

Jul 15, 2021

Gerard Minack, Founder of Minack Advisors, and Yra Harris on the Global Economy and Financial Markets. 

Presented by Financial Repression Authority.

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The Roundtable Insight – Peter Boockvar and Yra Harris on the Financial Markets

Jul 15, 2021

Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer at Bleakley Advisory Group and Editor of The Boock Report, and Yra Harris discuss the latest news regarding financial markets. 

Presented by Financial Repression Authority.

... more

Notes From Underground: A Question to Ponder

Jul 06, 2021

Do China and Russia have state authorities investing in the markets?

If the answer is yes then global investors have many issues to consider. The use of massive amounts of leverage (perfectly legal) utilized by Sovereign Wealth Funds and... more