CQG offers a collection of conditions you can use to mark points on a chart when the condition is met. In addition, you can create your own custom conditions. You can easily bring conditions… more

You can use LocalHour and LocalMinute functions in the RTD formula to pull in the open price for a market using a 5-minute bar at 12:00. This technique was detailed in a previous article here.… more

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard scans options on the E-mini S… more

There are numerous Excel samples that walk you through bringing various market data into Excel using RTD formulas. However, there is a lot to look through. One solution is to use the CQG Formula… more

Customers who use Microsoft Excel® when following the markets can easily populate their Excel spreadsheet with RTD formulas using CQG's Quote SpreadSheet (QSS) 2.0.

To open QSS 2.0, click… more

These two Microsoft Excel® dashboard display market quotes for tradable UDS for the crude oil contract and the E-mini S… more

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard provides a drop-down menu where you can select the underlying market, such as E-mini S… more

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard scans the VIX (CBOE) options market for volume and displays the strikes ranked by the volume traded for each expiry listed. The scan covers options traded 15… more

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet tracks the front month contracts of the PowerShares® DB Commodity Index (symbol: DBC) holdings. The actual ETF holds deferred contracts. More information about… more

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays the cash indices available from the Hang Seng Indexes Company.

The quote displays are divided into four sections. The first section is the cash Hang… more