Pasting a Comma Delimited List of Symbols into CQG M

This article will guide you through two ways to paste comma delimited symbols into CQG M. You can paste a list into a new or existing Quote Board or you can create a saved list.

Insert a List into Quote Board

  1. From a Quote Board, go to the context menu in the upper right-hand side and select Add symbols.
  2. In the field in the first tab, paste your symbols and click OK.

  3. Your symbols will be added to the Quote Board.


Insert a List into the Symbol Lists Dialog


  1. In CQG M, click the list dialog button. This will bring up the Symbol Lists window. 
  2. Click New list… in the bottom left-hand corner.
  3. Paste your symbols into the cell and click OK.
  4. Enter the list name and click Save.
  5. You will receive confirmation that the list has been saved. The list should then show up in the list dialog.

  6. Click the list to open it in a Quote Board or share it.

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