A Precious July for Gold And Silver

Andy Hecht
Aug 06, 2020

July 2020 was a month where the prices of gold and silver posted significant gains. In what has been almost a perfect bullish storm for the two precious metals, a decline in the value of the US dollar against other world currencies and the... more

Volume Candlesticks

Julian Dixon
Jul 28, 2020
CQG Has Added A Volume Dimension To Candlestick Charts

Ever since Charles Dow started theorising on markets, volume has been seen to be an important confirming factor to the prevailing price action, providing additional colour to the two... more

What's New in CQG Desktop Version 5.6

Marcus Kwan
Jul 13, 2020
Quotes Marker prices column Trading Accounts widget, added account name column and ability to hide currency column Park and Activate functionality is now 'on' by default in preferences Chart Price scale labels for selected drawing tool... more

What's new in CAST 2 v2.19

Marcus Kwan
Jul 10, 2020
General Authentication system for admin and trade-routing logins Ability to change credentials for admin logins in CAST 2 Ability to send email for credentials change for admin logins Multi-factor authenitication support for admin logins... more

Q2 Report - Commodities

Andy Hecht
Jul 07, 2020

The raw material markets made a comeback in the second quarter of 2020 after the global pandemic caused a deflationary spiral taking the prices of most assets lower in Q1. The commodity asset class consisting of 29 of the primary commodities that... more

CQG for iPhone Update, Version 1.12

Marcus Kwan
Jun 23, 2020
Updates Added the ability to trade from the chart Support for comment rows in the quoteboard Improved display for symbols with delayed data Improved display of order info for bracket orders More Details and How to Access the New Features Trade... more

What's new in CAST 2 v2.18

Marcus Kwan
Jun 11, 2020
General Task menu is now a standard menu control for improved visibility Consistent display of time format Create profile, login, account wizard improvements Profiles and Logins Added ability to create a sales series Added ability to search... more

What's New in CQG Desktop Version 5.5

Marcus Kwan
Jun 08, 2020
General CME Group Commentary and CME Group Research widgets now available Trading Volume of the last trade on HOT OTC/HMS Publish Bids & Offers Widget: added the ability to link and display underlying symbol on a chart New Hedge Balance... more

Changes to Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and Osaka Exchange (OSE)

Jun 02, 2020
Summary After the transition of products between TOCOM and OSE (scheduled for July 2020), CQG will no longer offer OSE or TOCOM data separately and will only provide OSE/TOCOM consolidated data.  Starting in July 2020, OSE’s terminal/user fees... more

Volatility in the Silver-Gold Ratio

Andy Hecht
Jun 01, 2020

The silver-gold ratio measures the price relationship between the two precious metals. Silver and gold are hybrid commodities as both have long histories as both metals with a myriad of applications and as financial instruments. Long before there... more