Thom Hartle

Setting Studies to Share Scales

Feb 04, 2016


My Imoku study is not lining up over the bars and using the same scale as the price. How do I correct this?


Right-click the study, select Modify Study. Select Display. Change “ShareScale” to On. This will... more

Custom Session in a Quote Display

Feb 03, 2016


I would like to see in a quote display the same open, high, low, and close prices I see on a chart with a custom session.

Solution: Enter the symbol, then a comma followed by the time frame, and the name of the custom... more

Spread Symbology

Feb 03, 2016


The 12m DEC16DEC17 Eurodollar and the 12m DEC16DEC17 Sterling spread should be around 2, but I see 34. Why is this?


In CQG the EDA spread is quoted as whole numbers and QSA is quoted as a decimal.... more

Spread Bars

Feb 03, 2016


I want to chart the DDH6-EPH6*5 spread using a Heikin-Ashi chart. On a bar chart, I just see a closing line chart and it will not work in a Heikin-Ashi chart.


Use the Spread function:

Spread(DDH6-EPH6... more

Check Out CQG IC's Calendar of Events

Jun 10, 2014

Have you used CQG's new Calendar of Events? The Calendar of Events allows you to track economic releases with a concise calendar. It provides details for key global macroeconomic indicators, regional economic indicators, and events. An event is a... more

Updating Your Microsoft Excel Dashboards in CQG with Microsoft Office 2013

Jan 27, 2014

If you use Windows® 7 and have upgraded to Office 2013, you may have noticed that price updates in your CQG-powered Excel dashboards now look like little slot machine quotes with prices rolling instead of just updating. The reason is that... more

Introduction to Market Profile Charts and Studies

Jan 17, 2014

CQG's roots are in the world of market action data. The premise was that traders needed clear and informative market charts on various time frames and would use studies in conjunction with the charts in order to make trading decisions. When... more

How Frequency Distribution Analysis Can Improve Your Decisions

Mar 05, 2013

Frequency distribution is simply how often a value appears within a group of values. For example, a group of values is a range from 1 to 5. The collection of numbers is 1, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, and 4. In this series, we see that the integer 1 occurs... more

Getting Started Using CQG, RTD, and Excel®

Mar 02, 2012

CQG supports the Microsoft Excel RealTimeData (RTD) function in CQG Integrated Client version 8.4 and greater for delivering market data and other information to Excel. Through the combination of CQG and Excel, you can create highly-customized... more

Design Your Spreadsheets to Look Like Your Trader Screens

Jul 11, 2011

Today, designing Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets can be more than just creating tables with a lot of numbers. As shown here in my columns, you can use conditional formatting such as heat mapping, data bars, and other Excel features to... more