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New in CQG M v2.1

Apr 06, 2016

Thank you all for your feedback and support for CQG M. 

Since our CQG M update just over a month ago, our usage numbers have been stronger than ever and we have received great feedback. We are happy to announce... more

CQG M: Volume Comparison Widget

Feb 22, 2016

With our 2.0 release on mdemo.cqg.com, we've also added a volume comparison widget. You can access it by swiping on the chart that's attached to a quote board.

What is it and why is it helpful? 
Dual-axis volume comparison

... more

New Version of CQG M for Phones

Feb 18, 2016

We've launched a new mobile mode on mdemo.cqg.com and on m.cqg.com.

We're excited about this release because we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from early users, and we think it really improves the CQG M experience on phones... more

CQG M: Your Live Market Infographic

Oct 20, 2015

CQG M is different than other trading apps. It's a responsive web app; meaning, it will work on your phone just as well as it will work on your web browser on your desktop. We're adding new types of visualizations that are not only helpful, they... more

CQG M: New Layout on mdemo.cqg.com

Oct 20, 2015

We're continuing to refine all aspects of CQG M. We've uploaded a layout on demo that showcases the core of CQG M functionality.

Save CQG M to Your Homescreen

Oct 20, 2015

Here's how to save the CQG M app icon to your home screen on your iPhone and Android device using Safari or Chrome.

New CQG M Version: New Trading Interface

Apr 24, 2015

We're excited to launch some important features in this version of CQG M. The new version is live on stage (https://mdemo.cqg.com) and will be moving to production (https://m.cqg.com) in the next week or so.

Hybrid Order Ticket

... more

New CQG M Version: A Few More Studies

Apr 22, 2015
More Studies on Charts

In a previous version, we launched the charting feature and the first few studies. In this version, we added Volume, RSI, MACD & Stochastics studies.

You can choose one overlay study... more

New CQG M Version Launched on Production

Apr 06, 2015

CQG M v1.9 with charting and studies is on production today at http://m.cqg.com.
This version has already been on stage for the past week at http://mdemo.cqg.com.

Three basic studies: MA (Simple, 21), Max (Simple, 21, 50, 200), and... more

Saving and Sharing Symbol Lists from CQG M

Mar 19, 2015

If you have a set of symbols in a Quote Board in CQG M that you want to save or share with someone else, here’s how to get it done in just a few steps:

Saving a List From a Quote Board, open the context menu and select Save List.
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