Thom Hartle
Aug 23, 2016
Updated: May 03, 2019

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard offers a two-window view for tracking market performance. The top half displays market data using symbols such as indices, stocks and futures that the user enters on the symbols tab. The bottom half has... more

Thom Hartle
Jan 20, 2015
Updated: Apr 16, 2019

These two Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets present market data and forward curves of the Globex Crude Light Oil and ICE Brent Crude Oil contracts. The data includes the outrights, exchange-traded calendar spreads, and synthetic butterfly spreads for... more

Thom Hartle
May 08, 2017
Updated: Apr 15, 2019

This macro-enabled Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet tracks the holdings of the iShares Core S&P U.S. Growth ETF (symbol: IUSG). The iShares Core S&P U.S. Growth ETF seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of large- and mid-... more

Thom Hartle
Nov 21, 2017
Updated: Apr 01, 2019

You can use LocalHour and LocalMinute functions in the RTD formula to pull in the open price for a market using a 5-minute bar at 12:00. This technique was detailed in a previous article here.

If you are pulling in a large amount... more

Thom Hartle
Aug 16, 2018
Updated: Apr 01, 2019
Bring Updating Time-Series Data from Microsoft Excel® Into CQG

The XL Real-Time study is included in CQGIC subscriptions enabled for CQG Trading, or Spreader, as well as CQG Spreader systems. The XL Real-Time Study is available to base CQGIC (... more

Thom Hartle
Feb 01, 2019
Updated: Apr 01, 2019

This Microsoft Excel® dashboard tracks the 104 stocks in the Nasdaq-100 index using CQG’s Level function. The Level function plots two lines, which identify the highest and lowest price levels attained over a defined period. The chart below shows... more

Thom Hartle
Feb 22, 2017
Updated: Mar 04, 2019

This macro-enabled Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet presents a ten-by-ten correlation matrix, a scattergram chart of the correlations by row, and frequency distribution charts of the correlations. In addition, twenty versions using a different city... more

Thom Hartle
Sep 29, 2014
Updated: Feb 25, 2019

To help you design and manage your custom dashboards using CQG with Microsoft Excel®, Thom Hartle has written the following articles that answer the most common questions.

Topic Description RTD Throttle Excel has a throttle that... more
Thom Hartle
Sep 22, 2015
Updated: Feb 15, 2019

This Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet uses the CQG Toolkit to pull in WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil market data traded on the ICE exchange.

The dashboard uses a matrix-style presentation with the outrights displayed along the top row and also the... more

Thom Hartle
Feb 07, 2019
Updated: Feb 07, 2019

If you set up a Microsoft Excel® dashboard to monitor options prices and their respective deltas you may see the delta values disappear occasionally in the dashboard. In other words, the value for the options deltas, especially far out of the... more