Notes From Underground: How To Deal With Transitory Data

Mar 19, 2021

First, thank you to all  who filled in for me as I spent nine full days packing up my life in Chicago. Raising four children and being the repository for many of my loved ones “stuff” resulted in a drowning in memories as well as material... more

The Roundtable Insight - Yield Curve Control, Inflation and the Markets

Mar 19, 2021


Presented by Financial Repression Authority.

Daniel Lacalle, PhD, economist and fund manager, is the author of the bestselling books Freedom or Equality (2020), Escape from the Central Bank Trap (2017), The Energy World Is... more

Market Summary: March 14, 2021

Mar 15, 2021

Crude prices eased at week’s end after reaching their highest levels since January 2020 on Wednesday. This was the first week in three that Crude prices fell. Refined product prices continue to increase, particularly Gasoline, as the market is... more

Market Summary: March 7, 2021

Mar 09, 2021

Petroleum prices rose more than 7% on the week, approaching two-year highs on the surprise OPEC+ decision to maintain output at current levels, dashing expectations of a small production increase amid evidence of global market demand emerging... more

Notes From Underground: Bonds Talking Trash To the Central Banks

Mar 02, 2021

Last week the world’s bond markets experienced an assault propagated by the MISERABLE U.S. five-year Treasury note auction on Wednesday followed by a more dismal seven-year sale on Thursday. Also, the Australian and KIWI 10-year notes suffered... more

Market Summary: February 28, 2021

Mar 01, 2021

Declining inventories in the aftermath of the previous week’s deep freeze, now referred to as winter storm Uri, as well as continued reductions in global stocks and a measurable decline nationally in Covid-19 cases were among the key drivers that... more

The Commodity Supercycle is Priced in US Dollars

Mar 01, 2021

Over the past few months there’s been an increasing buzz about commodity prices… grains, crude oil, industrial and precious metals have all broken to the upside and one of the most uttered phrases on my newsfeed has been, “commodity supercycle”.... more

Podcast: The 4 Horsemen: David Rosenberg, Jim Bianco, Peter Boockvar and Yra Harris

Mar 01, 2021

The 4 Horsemen: David Rosenberg, Jim Bianco, Peter Boockvar and Yra Harris take a look back over the last year of Covid-19, and the effects it had on the markets. Check out the disscussion here. 

... more

Commodities Scream Inflation

Mar 01, 2021

In August 2020, the US Federal Reserve made a not-so-subtle change to its inflation policy. The world’s leading central bank shifted from a 2% target to an average of a 2% target for the economic condition.

Inflation is a general increase... more

Japan Exchange Group and CQG Discuss Rubber Contracts / 日本交易所与CQG橡胶交易合作

Feb 23, 2021

JPX presents rubber contracts listed on their derivatives exchange, Osaka Exchange, with incentive program. CQG then shows how can find the data on CQG, and related functions.

Videos JPX presentation CQG presentation


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