Protecting Your Formulas and Including an Expiration Date

Helmut Mueller
Dec 02, 2013

Occasionally we receive requests from traders asking how to protect their own formulas from being viewed and modified by someone else. Here is a short guide detailing the steps.

The quick way is to select the Hide Formula when 'Deny Copy'... more

Seasonal Analytics

Helmut Mueller
Nov 15, 2013

This short article is not a huge programming exercise, it is mainly about a smart way to see seasonal behavior in an overlay chart. Here is the result we would like to have:

The blue line is the current soybeans contract and shows... more

Use CQG Signal Evaluator to Analyze Your Trading Ideas

Oct 15, 2013


CQG Signal Evaluator (SigEval) allows you to quickly assess the validity of a trading signal before spending valuable time creating fully-fledged trading systems that may be based on invalid signals.

The... more

Auto Fibonacci Retracements, Part 2

Helmut Mueller
Sep 18, 2013

Editor's Note: In this article, Mueller expands on the Auto Fibonacci study concept covered in his August 27 article. Here he shows how to enhance the study by forcing the calculation to use the same scale as the chart.

Now that we... more

Interview with Robin Mesch of Robin Mesch Associates

Sep 05, 2013

One of a series of interviews with traders who use CQG Integrated Client, this interview is with Robin Mesch, President of Robin Mesch Associates and Mesch Capital Management. Ms. Mesch is a nationally acclaimed market strategist, pioneer, and... more

A Timer Helper and CQG's Set/Reset Function

Helmut Mueller
Sep 03, 2013

We often receive questions on how to limit trading activity to certain times of day. One little extra line of code can accomplish this quite easily.

In CQG there is a very efficient way to create a variable inside a trading system... more

Auto Fibonacci Retracements, Part 1

Helmut Mueller
Aug 27, 2013

Derived from contributions medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci made to number theory, retracements measure the price areas where a market move is likely to pause or reverse a trend. Many traders rely on Fibonacci numbers to compute these... more

Smart Pyramiding

Helmut Mueller
Aug 13, 2013

If we look more closely into trend-following trading systems, sometimes the percentage of winning trades is only slightly above 50%, but the trading system still creates some nice and profitable trades. With smart pyramiding, we can try to make... more

ATR-Based Quantity and Risk

Helmut Mueller
Aug 05, 2013

The Average True Range (ATR) study takes the moving average of the true range over the specified period.


True Range = True High - True Low True High = The greater of the current bar's high or the previous bar's close True... more

Correlation and Relative Performance

Helmut Mueller
Jul 29, 2013

The Correlation function in the CQG toolbox correlates the price movement of two symbols over a defined number of bars. For example, CORREL(CL,QO,10) will return the correlation between West Texas Crude on the NYMEX and North Sea Brent on the ICE... more