Secret Revealed: Feeding a Calculation into a Study Parameter

Jul 21, 2016

If you build your own indicators, you may have been stuck feeding your own calculation back into a study parameter. The CQG front-end does not allow this directly, but we have a smart workaround to make it work. Thanks to Jim Stavros for... more

Guppy Multiple Moving Average

Jul 08, 2016

The Guppy is an indicator used in technical analysis to identify changing trends. The technique is based on combining two groups of moving averages with differing time periods.

One set of moving averages in the Guppy multiple moving... more

Trailing Stops

Jul 07, 2016

Sometimes it is not necessary to write a complex trading system when you want to accomplish something minor in the trading environment. For example, CQG provides built-in trailing stop orders that may be placed a defined number of ticks... more

Super Template and Money Management Optimization

Jun 02, 2016

In my last blog post we turned the Super Template AMA trading system into a new trading system using MACD with a few steps. At first glance it seemed to be a losing system, but after we applied a simple $2,000 stop loss, it performed a little bit... more

Super Template as a Shortcut to Building Your Trading System

May 18, 2016

This is a quick-start guide to building your own trading system based on the Super Template. The Super Template comes pre-installed with CQG Integrated Client. As a basic example, we will create a trading system using classical MACD as the main... more

Auto Trade Quick Start Guide: Part 2

Dec 29, 2015

After supporting auto trading for one year now, it seems to be that understanding the difference between backtesting and real-time trading might be the biggest struggle. If your backtesting results do not match your real trading results, using... more

Auto Trade Quick Start Guide: Part 1

Dec 16, 2015

CQG Integrated Client version 2015 offers sophisticated auto execution based on the CQG backtesting environment. Basically, all of your trading systems can be set to auto execution with only a few mouse clicks. Keep in mind that your trading... more

A Simple Shortcut to Compare Performance of Two Markets

Mar 20, 2015

One of the questions that comes up every now and then is about measuring the performance between two markets. So far since January 2015, DAX and EURO STOXX futures have rallied very strong, but which one is stronger?

Unfortunately... more

Avoid Peaking Ahead on Trade Filters

Mar 12, 2015

In this article I want to show how misleading a peak-ahead failure can be on a trading system.

I was working on a countertrend system and the backtesting results showed that it picked up some nice trades, but when the trend was getting too... more

Seasonality: A Different Approach

Feb 23, 2015

Quite some while ago I showed, in a very simple way, how to overlay 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 data in one chart. I created two very simple code snippets to accomplish that.

This time, I want to create a moving average that is also a... more