Helmut Mueller

When do I need a hybrid trading system for auto execution? Since we released CQG AutoTrader functionality and XLS Trader we have had some use cases were we wanted to combine the best of both… more

Helmut Mueller

The Trader Dynamic Index is a combination of RSI and Bollinger Bands. We use a 13 period RSI with a tight moving average on top of it and another moving average on top of this. This is some kind… more

Louis-Vincent Gave and Yra Harris discuss the most important changes in the economy and finacial markets.  View video here.

Presented by… more

Attached is a podcast discussing the current market situation with Yra Harris, Andrew Perry and Judd Hirschberg using CQG IC charts. View video here.


Attached is a video exploring the Imoku Cloud strategy hosted by Stan Yabroff of CQG. View video here.

Presented by WhiteWave Trading. … more

Marcus Kwan
General Multi-monitor capability to move widgets and pages out of the main CQG Desktop browser tab. Here's how it works. Added "Today's Settlement" column to QSS Trading Setting to abbreviate… more
Andy Hecht

The raw material markets continued to make a comeback in the final quarter of 2020 after the global pandemic caused a deflationary spiral taking the prices of most assets to lows in March and… more

Marcus Kwan
General Added yesterday's settle date and yesterday's close date columns to QSS Improved contrast and coloring for light theme Added PanXchange widget to the App Store OTC/HMS Made GTC… more
Anthony Cohen

CQG Product Specialist, Anthony Cohen presented at FIA Asia V Conference 2020 on Arbitrage… more

Shane Pielli

CQG System Architect, Shane Pielli presented at FIA Asia V Conference 2020 on CQG’s OTC Marketplace Solution.

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