CQG's Kevin Darby is interviewed by John Lothian about his Path to Electronic Trading. View interview here.

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Andrew Sheng, distinguished Fellow of the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong, a member of the UNEP Advisory Council on Sustainable Finance, and a former… more

Andy Hecht

In late June 2020, the nearby natural gas futures price fell to its lowest level in twenty-five years when it reached $1.432 per MMBtu. Days after the low, Warren Buffett announced that Berkshire… more

Julian Dixon

Using QFormulas


Quote Formulas (or QFormulas as they are more… more

Jim Wyckoff

Market watchers who trade/hedge in futures need to pay close attention to the longer-term weekly and monthly continuation charts for nearby futures. History shows that strong-… more

Yra Harris joins Anthony Crudele on Futures Radio in a great discussion about the current Global Macro Landscape. Listen to the conversation here.

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Judd Hirschberg explores the current analysis of the financial markets on 10.28.2020 using CQG IC here.

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Andy Hecht

Supply and demand fundamentals support the grain markets. According to the US Census Bureau, the global population grows by approximately twenty million each quarter. At the turn of this century,… more

Marcus Kwan
Trading Added ability to reverse a position  Order confirmation dialog: added warning for trading on first notice or last trade date Charting Added standard continuation setting  


Marcus Kwan
Trading New trading interface tailored for equities for more order size options by cash amount and account percentage Solidus price formatting now left justified on HOT OTC/HMS Ability to create… more