Andy Hecht

Natural Gas Fundamentals and Technicals Line Up

Sep 02, 2016

Natural gas was one of the dogs of 2016. The commodity's price reached a low of $1.6110 per MMBtu in March, the lowest price since 1998. There were many reasons for the price swoon. Discoveries of quadrillions of cubic feet of gas in the... more

The Fed Sets the Path for Higher Commodity Prices

Aug 01, 2016

Last week we heard from the US Federal Reserve and for the seventh straight month, the central bank left interest rates unchanged. In December 2015, the Fed hiked the short-term Fed Funds rate for the first time in nine years. At that point, they... more

Q2 2016 Winners and Losers Plus a Look Ahead to Q3

Jul 05, 2016

The second quarter of 2016 is now in the books. It was a quarter of fear of uncertainty, volatility, and gains for commodities. Overall, a composite of the 29 primary commodities that trade on futures markets moved 10.75% higher. So far in 2016,... more

A Major Technical Signal for Commodities?

Jun 01, 2016

The US economy is the world’s largest. The US dollar has been the world’s most stable currency, and it is universally accepted as the reserve currency around the globe. The dollar is the benchmark pricing mechanism for most commodity prices, and... more

Grains Come Back to Life

May 02, 2016

The 2012 drought sent grain prices to dizzying heights. Soybeans reached almost $18 while corn traded to highs of almost $8.50 and wheat moved above $9.45 per bushel. Since then, grain prices entered a prolonged bear market. These essential... more

Winners and Losers in Q1 2016 and a Look Ahead to Q2

Apr 04, 2016

First quarter of 2016 is now in the books. It was a quarter of fear, of uncertainty, of losses, and redemption. Overall, a composite of the twenty-nine major commodities traded on futures markets moved only 1.63% higher. When I include iron ore,... more

Winter Gives Way to Planting Season

Mar 01, 2016

​As it is now the beginning of March, the spring season is fast approaching. Across the fertile farmlands of the United States, farmers are preparing to seed their acreage for the 2016 crop year. In the world of agricultural commodities, each... more

The Relationship between Gold and Crude Oil - Divergence

Feb 01, 2016

There is a big difference between price and value. Price is a transparent number where buyers and sellers meet to transact. Value is a concept that often goes much deeper. We can all watch asset prices as they cross our screens in real time.... more

Q4 2015 Winners and Losers Plus a Look Ahead to 2016

Jan 04, 2016

The final quarter of 2015 is now in the books and for the most part, it was more of the same for commodity prices. Overall, a composite of over thirty commodities moved lower once again in a continuation of the secular bear market for commodity... more

Crude Oil and the OPEC Meeting

Dec 02, 2015

It has been a rough ride for crude oil since June of 2014 when the price of active month NYMEX crude was trading above $107 per barrel. Since then, the price has been making lower highs and lower lows. The energy commodity closed the month of... more